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Political Repression

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Manufacturing the Muslim Menace

by Thomas Cincotta
Political Research Associates


"Violent Radicalization"
"Homegrown Terrorism"

Repression and Ideology:Debunking Centrist/Extremist Theory

by Chip Berlet & Matthew N. Lyons

(Fifity-page Study in PDF Format)

How a Discredited Social Science Model Fuels Efforts to Expand Government Surveillance, Infiltration, & Disruption

Coalition Letter to Rep. Peter T. King

February 23, 2010


Disruption: Warning Signs

Sexism, egos, and lies:
Sometimes you wake up and it is not different

By Lisa Fithian

Understanding Political Repression

Government Intelligence Abuse and the Theories of Frank Donner

Read The War at Home by Brian Glick online.

Security for Activists

Common Sense Security

by Sheila O'Donnell
The Public Eye Network

Encountering and Countering Political Repression

By Chip Berlet
The Public Eye Network

no more witch hunts

History & Case Studies

The Hunt for Red Menace

by Chip Berlet
Political Research Associates

(Fifity-page Study in PDF Format)

Targeting Greenpeace and Other Ecology Groups

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story

Informers and Entrapment    
The Amazing Spy Network of John Rees